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Service Quality Measurement

The measurement we provide, and the practical recommendations we deliver, empower our clients to drive service performance throughout their organisations.

We provide face-to-face, telephone, video, written and web-based mystery shopping services to a wide range of clients.

Our role is to work with our clients to improve standards where staff and customers come into contact. We provide unrivalled expertise, exceptionally high levels of data quality and advanced reporting tools.

The commissioning of a mystery customer programme is only the beginning of the service improvement process. Mystery shopping must become the catalyst for action at all levels throughout the organisation.

Plumsource has identified four critical factors which constitute successful mystery shopping, and, ultimately, the delivery of excellent customer service.

Development of Measurement Standards
Ensure that all materials used by mystery shoppers facilitate the objective measurement of service at the point of delivery. This will help you provide actionable data to your frontline teams. The messages being delivered should complement key service action points. Data must be understandable and actionable, at every level.

Data Quality
Ensure the highest levels of data quality are maintained through mystery shopper selection, training and monitoring.

Choose a shopper panel which reflects your customer profiles.

The effective communication of results is an essential component of service improvement. The most effective approach is to design clear and simple messages which can be delivered within your organisation’s existing framework and infrastructure. This includes access to web-based data analysis and delivery tools, although static and hard copy reporting is still commonplace.

The method of delivery of service messages can be as important as the message itself. Communication should be relevant to the various stakeholders. Mystery shopping data and reporting will be utilised to its fullest potential if your teams are fully engaged.

Conformance Audits

There are many types of standard that have to be measured at regular intervals: industry regulations; proof of age; cleanliness; maintenance etc. Having an external contractor measure the conformance levels can prevent unnecessary cost or even fines. We are one of the few companies with extensive experience of providing ongoing conformance audits services across a range of industry sectors.

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