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Customer Feedback Research

There are many ways to survey your customers, and even more ways to analyse the data collected. Whichever is most appropriate for your business, you should always follow these three principles:

  • Make it easy for your customers to respond
  • Integrate your measurement tools
  • Turn data into action

We can advise you how to collect valuable feedback from your customers continuously over time. The motivation to provide a rating about your products and services is transient so the opportunity needs to be readily available. If it isn’t then the motivation to respond needs to be incentivised. What are the best channels to use? How long should the survey be? What questions need to be included? What is the best way to analyse the data? Plumsource can answer all these questions for you.

Many organisations collect information from their customers about their service in a number of different ways. This is great news for your business but in most cases the messages remain separated within different parts of the organisation. The most effective approach is to integrate all the different sources through complementary design. We have many years’ experience of successfully designing and implementing programmes for clients.

The true test of success is to achieve lasting change as a result of the feedback from your customers. This requires commitment from management and engagement throughout the organisation. We offer a range of tools to support the communication and delivery of sustained change within an organisation.

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